Ideas & research

Since I had not used After Effects since I finished my degree, this was definitely a challenge…which, I ended up enjoying quite a lot. I felt that design programs are like bicycles, you can stop riding them for a very long time, but once you get on it again, it all comes back. It also helped that previously to designing this tutorial video, I created MyTreebute’s little motion-logo giff, as it refreshed my memory. You can see the giff bellow which is also on the Branding Blog.


This tutorial is created to be later uploaded to the different social media sites (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) So I had to make sure it was short, clear, and also easy to watch. I had to take in consideration things like the fact that Instagram only allow 2 minute long videos. So it made sense to divide the tutorial into different steps, each not being longer than 2 minutes. For the other two social-platforms (Facebook and Twitter) I could just upload the entire video, so there was no problem with that.

Since this video had to match the style and colours used in the logo, I could not really use any other videos for inspiration in that sense. I did research guide videos to get the sense of how to easily display all the information. It was also important that these videos would only have background music, as MyTreebute’s planting guide would not have a voice-over. Some of the videos are funny rather than serious, but they successfully get the message across.

Here are a few good references I found:

Creating the video

Before beginning the tutorial I planned the content and structure of the video, as well as creating some story boards. This helped me to clearly see what I needed to produce, and not spend time inappropriately.

Since this tutorial will have a LOT of elements, I found the way to export all of these from an Illustrator file into After Effects, which I did not know could be done – not sure if maybe its a new feature but it’s a very helpful one! Below are some of the graphic elements I included on the tutorial through Illustrator.

Now I started to create the video

For music; I researched for a copy-right free piece I could use. I found a great website which offers background music for videos. I chose a happy tune, since I was trying to transmit a feeling of excitement, to get everyone motivated to start planting their own tree.

The information

I used verified information to make sure I was transmitting trustable information. To gather the propper information I used a guide published by The Tree counsil Organisation as well as a wikihow and the information sent by governmental organisations I contacted (shown on the Final Major Project Blog). My main reason to use wikihow, even if it’s an «un-official» source, is because they tend to have very easy, straight forwards instructions on everything, which makes it very easy to follow.

Final Outcome

This is the final video as shown on the home-page and social platforms.

You can specially see how the final video looks in Instagram, with the divided sections. Please click on the button below to access Instagram. (You don’t need an account to access content)